Greetong in Japanese

Hello !  This is Kazu, Japanese instructor of Yonok University.

I opened a blog for Japanese Language Department.

Today, I will introduce greeting in Japanese.

When you see me or Japanese, You can say “Hello !” in Japanese !

1, Good morning  →  o    ha   yoo      go   za   i   ma   su

                                          お は よ う  ご  ざ い ま す

2, Good afternoon  →  ko   n   ni   chi   wa

                                              こ ん に ち は

3, Good evening  →  ko   n   ba   n   wa

                                          こ ん ば ん は

If you say “Hallo!” in Japanese to me, I’m happy.

See you nex time. 

Good by !  →  sa   yoo   na  ra

                            さ よ う な ら

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  1. rathakate พูดว่า:

    so , I will say こ ん ば ん は for this time ..


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