Jitaree school

Hello ! This is Kazu.

Today, I will show one of our activity to you.

I have been teaching Japanese at Jitaree school to
the students who really want to study Japanese twice a week.

We would like to promote our high quality Japanese program
at Yonok University to high schools in Lampang, and also
We would like give the students an oppotunity to speak in
Japanese with native Japanese speaker.

I taught a Japanese song to the students last week.




I like to teach them because I feel they really want to
study Japanese and they enjoy study with me.

I hope you are going to study Japanese with me!

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  1. atichart พูดว่า:

    Japanese is one of my daughter’s favorite languages. For me, I am impressed by the Japanese people disciplines and the intelligence of Japanese academicians.


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