Think about Jitaree school

There was a final examination for Japanese Language at Jitaree school yesterday. I finished to teach there for this semester.

Regretably, the number of student who study Japanese decreased. But I’m not disappointed about it.

When I started to teach at Jitaree, I just wanted to promote our Japanese Language Program to this school.

But I have changed my mind.


In Thailand, the student who was born into a wealthy family is able to take high quality education. But it is difficult to take high quality education for the student who was born a poor family.

Jitaree is the school for poor students. Most of them give up their life easily and they choose easy way, monotonous life. Because they think there is no way to get out from poverty and there is no opportunity to think about their life seriously.

But some of them believe that there is a way to get out from poverty and want to get an opportunity to make their life better.

I think one of the most important way to get out from poverty is “education”.

So, I would like to give the students who  really want to get a chance to make their life better or really want to study Japanese an opportunity to do it as possible as I can, even if the number of the sutdent a few.

This is the real reason that I’ m teaching at Jitaree school.


They gave me gifts.


This one is from the school.

a ri ga too  go za i ma su !


This one is from students

to te mo ka wa i i de su ne.

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  1. To finish of teaching is the begining of the time to learning new topic. Your gift is so cute. It showed that you are the good teacher. It was great. keep your effort like this .. always.


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